Learn how to play Mass Genocide & new updates to the site.

Greetings Metalhead's and Music lovers, I hope all is well in your world.  As you know this site is in its infancy and is going through changes as I start completing its content. Some of the additions are as follows. I added a section where Daze of Darkness is available to listen to / stream and or purchase. You can select your choice of individual digital tracks and download them. Remember you can listen to the tracks for free, so don't worry about pushing PLAY, you will not be charged. In addition to the digital copy Daze, I've also added a selection of different types of merch. Feel free to go through it if you would like to show the world your support for our Music and your LOVE of METAL. 

There are quite a few of you that I've talked to and would like me to go over some guitar tips with you, so I decided to share the video below.  Here is a short video of how to play the intro to HATRED's Mass Genocide, for all of the Guitar players out there that would like to jam along with us. It is a great song for beginning Guitar players as it goes over some fundamental techniques essential for Guitar playing.  This song utilizes alternative picking, power chords and the use of octaves.  Mass Genocide is off of the Daze of Darkness C.D.  so, watch the video, go over to the "new music" tab and start jamming. I will be making a video on how to play the complete song as well as how to play SUFFER!


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